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Paint and Spray Markings for lines and coloured Surfacing...

Paintline (Southern) Ltd are nationwide contractors renowned for high quality work and after sales service. The company specialises in paint and line markings and coloured surfacing

John Schorah, managing director, offers a free site visit and advice to clients for consideration in their design and planning of line markings and coloured surfacing.

  Playground Markings

Any markings on any surface....

Coloured Surfacing and line markings are essential nowadays to improve people's safety in all types of traffic, on foot or in vehicles, whether motorised or not.

Going about your day to day activities, you will see safety markings everywhere. Paintline (Southern) Ltd have experience in paint markings and anti-skid or coloured surfacing in Leisure, Retail, Transport and Infractstucture.

  Athletics Track and Velodrome Markings

Line Markings and Coloured Surfacing find applications in Schools, Parks, Playgrounds, Supermarkets, Leisure and Shopping Centres, Stadiums, Sports Grounds, Industrial and Commercial premises, Airports, Heliports, Docks, Railway Stations and Ferry Terminals.

Paintline (Southern) Ltd install any type of conventional markings and coloured surfacing on tarmac, concrete, wood and synthetic surfaces. This includes rubberised paint, thermoplastic and resin based road marking and line painting materials.

  Car Park Safety Walkway

Safety of people and vehicles is an ever growing concern, where injuries and potential claims are prevalent in our modern society.

Use Paintline to improve line markings on your site and also designate your walkways with markings and coloured, or anti-skid non-slip surfacing. Safety markings not only demonstrate a duty of care, but most importantly can reduce accidents, possibly saving time and money for your organisation.

  Factory safet Walkway Markings

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